More Books

we all need more to read

More Books is a (very) small press.


When you love to read there are never enough good books. More is the desire to find new voices and share them with the world.

We're calling on you.

More Books is looking for fresh voices that don't fit into a typical genre. Does your novel have just a little too much humor, horror, magic, or science fiction to be "literary fiction?" Or is the project closest to your heart a graphic novel, or mix of stories and poems? You may have a home at More.

If you've written something strange, beautiful, dark, funny, surreal—we want to see it. Let's work together to create and refine your book, and connect you with an audience.

Who is More Books?

Elizabeth Davis, editor and publisher, has experience at a small press and several literary magazines, including acting as a poetry editor and completing all production and layout work for several published books. She is also the editor-in-chief of (and writes for) a blog on a popular healthcare website.

Do you want to contribute to More, as an author or at another point in the publishing process? Send us a note.

Want to know More?

Get in touch! If you'd like to make a submission, or just want information about us, the press, or publishing in general, don't be afraid to reach out. Let's make More Books happen.