More Books

we all need more to read

More Books is a (very) small press.


When you love to read there are never enough good books. More is the desire to find new voices and share them with the world.

More Los Angeles

Despite the rain, the LA Times Festival of Books was amazing! I haven't been in several years, and it was a first to be there not as a writer but as a publisher.

Had some great conversations and met some wonderful and creative people—and even better, it's still happening today, April 10.

Go, if you have the chance. The festival is one of the best places to see everyone come together over a love of books: writers of all kinds, printers, publishers, bookstores, and more.


But First

I've been a reader all my life. And when I say that, I mean a bring a book to a movie theater, just in case, reader. An "I've read my favorites eight, ten twelve times" lover of books. That shouldn't matter to you all that much, except to tell you that More Books, for you, our readers and writers to be, is a labor of love.

A great book doesn't have to have a purpose. It doesn't have to be an instant classic, a prize winner, or have the most poetic prose. It doesn't need to reveal the great truths of existence—although all of these things may happen along the way.

It needs a story. A great, ripping, sweep you out of your own life yarn.

And you know my favorite part of those needles in the haystack, the ones that can truly take you away? Sharing them. Watching someone else explore a new world, become the characters, see unimaginable things. Knowing that you've been on the same journey as another person, for just a while.

Read more, and read what you love.

And away we go.